Embracing the Future: AI Transformation at Microsoft Inspire 2023


As we dive deeper into the fiscal year 2024, Microsoft Inspire is centered around a visionary theme – AI Transformation. The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize industries and drive global growth is profound. According to Microsoft’s research, AI is expected to add to the global GDP by a staggering $7 trillion to $10 trillion, an additional 10% global GDP growth. During the AI boom, Microsoft and its partner ecosystem, currently valued at $4 trillion, are expected to take market share in AI and potentially add $2.5 trillion to its valuation. 

AI's Impact on Global GDP of 10% (approximately $7T to 10T)
Source: Microsoft Inspire 2023

In Inspire 2023, Microsoft announced many exciting rollouts for its users. Amongst all, the main 3 key releases focusing on AI are the following: AI Copilot, Bing Chat, and Bing Chat Enterprise. 

Microsoft Inspire 2023 Key Releases: Bing Chat, Bing Chat Enterprises and Microsoft365 Copliot
Source: Microsoft Inspire 2023

Microsoft Copilot 

At the heart of Microsoft’s AI Transformation lies the Copilot stack: your copilot for work. Microsoft Copilot is a groundbreaking productivity technology that integrates AI into various Microsoft products such as Teams, PowerPlatform, and more. Copilot facilitates enhanced collaboration and productivity with its presence in every MS Cloud experience: 

  • Microsoft 365 Copilot 
  • Dynamics 365 Copilot 
  • Copilot in Power Platform 
  • Microsoft Security Copilot 
  • GitHub Copilot 

With Microsoft Copilot, employees can unleash their creativity while boosting productivity, as it seamlessly integrates into Microsoft 365 and adheres to your company’s essential security, compliance, and privacy policies and processes. 

Bing Chat 

One of Microsoft’s biggest AI transformation technology is Bing Chat: an AI-powered copilot for the web now generally available. With Bing Chat, its user can, now, ask complex questions and expect creative suggestions from the AI model. Bing Chat is available on the Bing mobile app and Edge browser for iOS, Android, and desktop users. If you use a non-Edge browser, the experience is available after accepting the terms of service and acknowledging the privacy statement. 

Bing Chat Enterprise 

An advanced experience of Bing Chat is Bing Chat Enterprise: AI-powered chat for work with commercial data protection. Integrating AI in the workplace can raise data privacy concerns, but with Bing Chat Enterprise, employees can experience improved efficiency and enhanced creativity while ensuring data confidentiality. Microsoft prioritizes data privacy, as no chat data will be saved, viewed by Microsoft personnel, or used to train models. Bing Chat Enterprise’s visual search capability enables seamless information retrieval through image and text analysis, all while maintaining commercial data protection standards. With secure access using work credentials and exclusive availability in enterprise licenses, Microsoft’s commitment to data protection remains steadfast during this AI transformation. 

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AI Transformation at Every Stage of Business 

The impact of AI transformation transcends every stage of a business. While you may not feel fully ready to embrace AI, preparing the foundation is the key to starting an AI transformation journey for your company, and ultimately to becoming an industry leader. Microsoft emphasizes the importance of migrating from on-premises to the cloud, enabling businesses to leverage AI’s true potential. Start your conversation with Ambient migration experts to evaluate your organization’s potential in the AI transformation race.  

AI Transformation Map - 3 Steps to AI transformation
Source: Microsoft Inspire 2023


Add Value with AI

Integrating AI at work is the gateway to enhancing productivity and creativity among employees. Microsoft’s AI Transformation aims to unlock new ways of working, empowering individuals to explore the full potential of AI for their BAU activities. To ensure a secure migration, Ambient offers qualifying clients free access to MS Defender for Cloud during the migration powered by Microsoft to reinforce our commitment to security during this transformative journey. 


Microsoft Inspire 2023 unveiled the immense potential of AI transformation, promising an era of boundless opportunities and growth. The Microsoft Copilot, Bing Chat, and Bing Chat Enterprise exemplify Microsoft’s dedication to innovation and collaboration and Ambient is a proud partner and excited to be helping our clients with their AI transformation journey. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, AI’s transformative power is within your reach. Prepare your foundation, embrace AI, and unlock a great way to work – an era where AI truly adds value to your employees and your business. Together with Microsoft, Ambient stands ready to assist your secure SharePoint and Azure migration and guide you on the path of AI transformation, helping you lead the way in this dynamic and exciting era. 

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On: 08-01-2023