Planning Session for Modern Work: Get the Most Out of Your M365 EXP

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The purpose of this session is to review market trends from Gartner and Forester Research in addressing today’s communication management issues with the M365 employee experience platform (EXP).

You will learn the following next step considerations:

Learn how to unite & inspire your M365 EXP

  • Are you happy with your communications management today?
  • Are you reaching your front-line workers effectively?

Learn how to strategize your Employee Experience

  • Plan mobility for internal communications with front-line workers
  • Learn strategies for hybrid work as a durable trend

Stay under budget with current work challenges from out-of-the-box best practice solutions

  • Are you aware that employee experience impacts profits?
  • Reimagine the M365 EXP with Hybrid Work

Who Should Attend:

Communication Managers, IT Professionals, Marketing, Business Executives, Human Resource Managers, SharePoint Admins, M365 Owners, Collaborations Experts, Teams Site Owners, Mobility Strategy Owners

At Ambient365 we understand the driving force of any business is its people. Our mentoring and best practices approach to people, processes, and technology allows an organization to realize its current investments to create a thriving culture within a M365 employee experience platform (EXP).

On: 11-11-2022